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In this blog, Hakuo Junior High School students introduce school events and write in English about their experience at Hakuo to people all over the world. Enjoy our real voice!

The Sports Festival

We held a full-day Sports Festival for the first time in 3 years. Junior high school students of all school years came to gather at the same place (the schoolyard of Hakuo high school) on June 2nd.  Because of the spread of the new coronavirus, all the junior high school students were not able to gather for any school events at the same time.  We had been waiting for that day.

We divided all the students into four teams; The Red Team,The White Team, The Blue Team, and The Yellow Team.

All students of each school year participated and enjoyed a special game: Ball-toss game (the 1st year), Center of Typhoon (the 2nd year), and Tug of War (the 3rd year) in addition to a 60 meter race and interclass relay. Furthermore, some students engaged themselves in Ouen-Gassen (Cheering Party).

I felt very accomplished when our team got 1st place in the ball-toss game.  Our team discussed a lot about the strategies for the ball-toss game during preparing time of the sports day.  However, during the rehearsal, we got 3rd place in the ball-toss game.  At that time, all of my classmates were sad at the result because we realized that our strategy didn’t work properly.  Nevertheless, we didn’t give up and had discussions to make another strategy after the rehearsal.  Finally, on the actual day, we put in more than 60 balls into the net, and we got 1st place!  Through the process of preparing for the sports day, I learned how to have better communication and teamwork.  Also, I want to enhance this skill higher in my future life at Hakuo.

S.S. (1st year student)

Sports day was one of the most exciting events at Hakuo, but I especially thought the cheering party was the best activity for me.  On sports day, there was an activity called the “cheering party,” where people get into groups and perform a dance to the audience.  Our read team performed a medley dance and a dance that uses sensu (a folding fan) and Japanese drums.  On that day, the cheering party members including me got to show the best performance to the audience.  Our team practiced a lot for the sports day event.  We had to practice early in the morning and also after school, so sometimes it was very tiring, but I had a great time with my teammates.  I met wonderful upper classmen, too.  However, the red team couldn’t get first place on the cheering party activity, but I personally think the red team was the best!!  Sports day was one of the most amazing events in Hakuo, but my most favorite event was the cheering party.

M.I. (1st year student)